MyMedicalRecords is a secure online Personal Health Record that enables you to maintain your medical records and all your other important documents in one central location and access them anytime from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Gain greater control over your health and well-being and better prepare your family for any emergency.
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MMRPro is a cost-effective, integrated solution that allows physician practices to easily scan and digitize patient records. So many doctor offices today still operate with paper records, which creates clutter and storage costs. With MMRPro, physicians can begin the process of moving toward a digital office by easily scanning patient records and then storing, managing and sharing them via a secure web-based portal. Digitized patient records are a necessary step to moving toward any meaningful Electronic Medical Record system. - Learn More

MMRPatientView is a web-based service that lets doctors easily and efficiently store patient records online, saving money over the cost of storing paper records. Just as important, patients can see their information using our free MMRPatientView service. - Learn More

MyEsafeDepositBox provides you with a fully secure online site where you can easily store and readily access important legal, financial, insurance and other vital documents, as well as your medical records and personal health information, 24/7 from any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. - Learn More

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